FAQ Repair and Maintenance of Electric Motors 2017-05-18T21:26:55+00:00

FAQ Repair and Maintenance of Electric Motors

What is the needed regular maintenance to extend my engine’s life expectancy? 2016-11-27T10:04:43+00:00

Good care of the engine requires periodical degreasing, replacement of the bearings and balancing of the rotating parts.

What are the recognisable signs to prevent further damage to my engine? 2016-11-27T10:04:53+00:00

Our technicians can help you recognize the warnings signs and to monitor them over time.

How much time is required for repair? 2016-11-27T10:05:02+00:00

The Mean Time to Repair is between 1- 2 days. In case of need, a thorough revision will be carried out on the same day.

What damage could my engine have? 2017-05-18T21:26:56+00:00

The wear is inevitable, it is part of the life cycle of every motor. Your engine will be made as good as new, after a careful cleaning and a thorough revision of each of its parts.

If my electric motor is very noisy, does it mean it is coming to an end? 2016-11-27T10:05:22+00:00

No, but it is better to intervene as soon as possible, to avoid any further possible damage.